Hayden Washable Filter 818744WSH

Hayden Washable Filter 818744WSH

    Price: $69.95

    Code: 818744WSH

    Weight: 3.00 pounds

    Hayden Washable Filter 818744WSH
    Hayden washable cartridge filter. The most recent advancement to filter technology is the introduction of the "hydrophobic" washable filter. Made from a new polyester material, the washable filter combines high media surface area in a pleated configuration with the ultimate in cleaning convenience. This filter only needs to be run under clean water. The washable filter is identified by the rubber rings extending beyond the perimeter of the pleats. The filter should be cleaned after every 20 hours of operation, usually the same time that the canister is emptied.


    For use with the following Hayden Central Vacuum models:

    • SuperVac SV2400
    • SuperVac 3600
    • SuperVac 6000
    • SuperVac Premier 9000