Q. How much does a central vacuum cost?

A. Cost is determined by the size of your home, and how many inlets valves and vacpans you may need to have installed.

Q. Does it take long to have a central vacuum installed?

A. No,. Most times a central vacuum install can be done in the same day.

Q. What the best system that I can get for my home?

A. What ever system you choose must be capable of cleaning at least 2 times the square footage of your home. The best systems to get are the ones that are made of thick gage steel and have quality internal components like tangible bypass motors, sound deadening materials.and HEPA filtration.

Q. Will it damage my vacuum pipping if I choose to replace my current system with a more powerful central vacuum that was made to clean a much larger home?

A. No. You will get a much higher suction flow with the more powerful system. The piping if install correctly can withstand as much suction as you could possibly subject it too.