Air Purifiers



What is an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers clean the air in your home and can help prevent dangerous allergens and molds from effecting your families health. Air purifiers can range greatly in both cost and effectiveness. Some systems use a simple HEPA cartridges to catch allergens and debris from the air. Cycling air thru there inlet fans and exhausting clean filtered air back into the living areas. While other types of systems are vented thru the duck work of your home and feature large filter containers that are capable of filtering the air from your furnaces and air conditioners.

Options include:

1) A stand alone filter system: Portable air purifiers can be moved from room to room as they are needed. These air purifiers are the most popular as they do not cost as much as whole house systems and can be as effective depending on your home size and filtering needs.

2) Whole house air purifiers: Whole house air purifiers can provide the home owner with maximum protection against allergens and others dangerous particles. Most of these system require professional installation and can range in cost depending on your air filtration needs.

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