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"What is wrong with my vacuum" Jessica exclaimed as she tried to use her old vacuum on her brand new carpeting. Try as she might it just wouldn't push as easily as it did on her old carpeting. 

Sound familiar? Today's family of modern carpets present unique circumstances that many older and even current vacuums just can't handle. Often times the carpet salespeople and installers either don't know which vacuums work best for these carpet styles, or don't want to tell you that your old vacuum might not work on the newer carpets in fear of losing a sale. 

The most popular carpeting styles this decade have been Frieze, Ultra Plush, and Ultra Soft. While these carpets are a dream to walk and lay on they can wreak havoc on many vacuums. Most often these carpets will make it extremely hard to push your vacuum causing undue strain on the user and the vacuum. In other instances the vacuum won't even push at all, causing the drive belts to continually break, slip off, or trip the belt protection system.

Luckily for you we are here to help. We have many of these new carpets in our store for our customers to "test drive" our demo model vacuums on before making their purchase-we get our customers to help clean our store for us. Of course we have taken these models for a spin too and our expert staff knows which vacuums can handle these new carpet types and why. 

The main reasons that vacuums won't work on these carpets is that the nozzle is too low to the carpet or there isn't enough clearance between the wheels of the unit and the base. When the nozzle is too low the head tends to burrow itself into the carpeting causing a hard to push vacuum that puts heavy strain on the belt and user. If there is not enough clearance between the wheels and base the end result is a hard to push upright, or a canister that feels like it drags across the carpet; again causing unnecessary strain on the operator.

We want your vacuuming experience be the best that it can be. We have come to find that the Sebo brand vacuums handle today's carpeting exceptionally well. If you prefer an upright vacuum the Sebo X4 Boost will fit the bill quite nicely. If you prefer a canister vacuum the Sebo Airbelt E3 can handle these carpets and provide the versatility that only a canister vacuum can provide. If you want the latest technology and want a cordless vacuum then we recommend the Simplicity S10CV Freedom Cordless model for these carpeting styles. These vacuums are German made and will deliver high quality performance for many years to come. Look for an in depth review on the entire line of Sebo vacuums soon.

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