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Why Should I Buy A Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

Are you willing to put in the work to get the most out of your vacuuming? Would you rather do things the best way instead of the fastest? If you answered yes to either of those questions then a canister vacuum cleaner may be right for you! There are many benefits to choosing a canister vacuum cleaner when making your vacuum cleaner purchase. The versatility of cleaning that a canister vacuum provides is what truly sets them apart from other vacuum types. Whether you want to clean carpets, delicate rugs, drapes, floors, stairs, under furniture, or upholstery a canister vacuum cleaner will do it best!

Vacuuming Your Carpet & Floors

Every customer has their own set of cleaning needs, there is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to vacuum cleaners we've found. One of the biggest changes we have observed is that there's more hard flooring than wall to wall carpeting being installed in today's homes. Even though carpet is taking up a smaller percentage of the floor space, modern carpet styles require more attention to detail than ever in order to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your needs; more to come on this important subject.

Advantages of a canister vacuum cleaner for hard floor cleaning

A canister vacuum cleaner will easily be able to vacuum any and all bare floor surfaces. Whether it's ceramic tile, stone, hardwood, or linoleum tiles a canister vacuum cleaner shines bright here because they will almost always come equipped with a bare floor brush. When you vacuum a hard floor with a bare floor brush the results will always be better than that of an upright vacuum cleaner. This is because the bristles on a canister vacuum's floor tool act as a broom loosening the dirt in the grooves and grout, while the vacuums' suction acts as your dustpan. The best bare floor brushes will be either labeled as "horsehair" or "natural bristle" floor brush. Floor tools that have these kinds of bristles will be the safest means of cleaning your hard floors, and last significantly longer than nylon synthetic bristles that wear easily and can scratch delicate surfaces.

Advantages of a canister vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning

Properly cleaning the carpet is where you need to be mindful and pay attention, today's carpets are different than they were in the past. We have a whole blog post about modern carpet styles here which we highly encourage reading. The gist is that if you have a carpet made within the past 10-15 years you will most likely need a vacuum with good height adjustment or a properly balanced and weighted carpet nozzle. Unfortunately about 80% of today's vacuums don't fit the bill in these regards. Many of the modern carpet types have long carpet fibers and higher fiber counts. This causes many vacuums to constantly break belts, be very hard to push, or even immobile. With a canister vacuum cleaner the majority of the vacuum's weight is in the canister itself, not above the carpet brush like on an upright vacuum. This makes it so that the carpet brush isn't pushed any further into the carpeting than it needs to be. The lack of extra weight coupled with a good height adjustment not only enables the vacuum to properly clean as it should, but it also makes the vacuum easy to push and use.

Advantages of a canister vacuum cleaner for rug cleaning

Another consideration for choosing your vacuum cleaner is if you have any delicate or handwoven rugs. Silk, Persian, and hand-woven rugs tend to be both expensive and delicate. We recommend to never use a revolving bush of any sort on these kinds of rugs as they can cause major damage and eventually destroy your expensive heirloom. Instead make sure to use a combination floor tool for these rugs. A combination floor tool will have bristles that may be recessed leaving a smooth metal plate with felt strips to gently and effectively clean your rugs.

Advantages of a canister vacuum cleaner for vacuuming stairs and using the cleaning tools

If you happen to be someone that actually uses the attachments on a vacuum cleaner then you are well aware that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal and double that when it comes to stair cleaning. The attachments and hose that come with your vacuum can be the difference between a love or hate relationship. If your vacuum cleaner is well designed and easy to use vacuuming is a simple task rather than being a chore. On the other hand if your vacuum isn't well thought out then using it is often dreaded or even worse not even done at all.

Canister vacuum cleaners have a clear advantage over uprights when it comes to using the attachments and the hose is the primary reason. The hose is always at a fixed length on a canister vacuum cleaner while upright vacuums have a stretchable hose. Stretch hoses will want to go back to their resting lengths when the airflow is restricted. This tends to causes the vacuum to tip over and fall when being used on stairs and upholstery. With a canister vacuum cleaner you don't have to worry your vacuum falling down when you use the tools. A well designed canister vacuum cleaner will also be properly balanced and securely stay atop your stairs.  

Now that we've explored all the possibilities that you have with a canister vacuum cleaner, what do you think? Feel free to ask us a question or share your favorite reason why you have or will choose a canister vacuum cleaner.

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