Doc-it MKII. Sensor reset procedure


1. Press the tab at the top of the retractor and slide the unit to the left.




2. Disconnect wires from retractor.

3.  Remove the locking tab screws ‘E’ on both sides of the pulley gear portion of the retractor and squeeze the tabs in to open.




4.      Set the pulley gear housing and hose aside and re-connect the wires to the retractor.

5.      Press VAC on the hose and verify the unit is powered by listening for the central vac turning on and off.

6.      Press the IN or OUT button on the hose. One of these will start up the motor inside the retractor.

7.      Continue to hold down this button to keep the motor running as you bring a white object such as a business card up close to the sensor.

Be careful not to touch any moving parts inside.




8.      Bring the white object within a few millimeters of the sensor. The motor should suddenly stop if the sensor successfully sees the object.

9.      Release the Hose button being pressed.

10.   Remove the object from the sensor area and press the other Hose direction button to move the motor in the opposite direction.

11.   Repeat step 7 through step 9.

12.   Once the unit has successfully been triggered in both directions, the unit will be reset and ready for re-assembly.

13.   Install the hose with the white band at least 12” away from the hose inlet.




14.   Ensure both halves of the retractor are pressed together.

15.   Ensure the Locking tabs are seated well in their holes. Re-install the locking screws ‘E’.

16.   Slide the unit back inside the wall until the top release tab clicks.

17.   The unit should be run until the hose comes all the way out of the wall.

18.   Stretch the hose out and then run the hose back inside making sure any twists are removed before going into the retractor.

19.   The unit should operate normally now.

20.   If there are further problems, contact Customer Service.