Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuumstore carries a large selection of Miele vacuum cleaners as well as accessories and Bags and Filters.

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Reasons to purchase a Miele vacuum cleaner:


The right FilterBag™


It can be confusing to find the correct FilterBag™ for your vacuum. With Miele, you can easily identify the correct original AirClean FilterBag™ by the color of the bag's collar.


Top-class suction power


Miele's AirClean FilterBag™ remains sealed even as it fills, thanks to its multiple layers. The FilterBag™ change indicator informs you when the bag should be replaced. You will continue to enjoy the same high suction power, cleaning performance and hygiene before and after replacing the FilterBag™.


NEW: AirClean 3D efficiency


Thanks to a special Soft Structure surface with reduced air resistance, the new dustbags offer the highest level of efficiency even when vacuuming at a low power level. This allows you to save energy when vacuuming without compromising high cleaning performance.


Dust-free, hygienic FilterBag™


When opening the vacuum cleaner, the FilterBag™ opening automatically closes and its contents are reliably locked inside. Furthermore, the protective netting prevents the bag from ripping and tearing,even if you have vacuumed sharp items. Fine dust and lung-damaging particles html, body