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What is a central vacuum?

A central vacuum system offers a convenient way to clean your home without carrying a canister behind you, or dealing with a heavy upright. The complete system consists of a main power unit , usually located in the garage, basement, or utility room, which is then connected to a series of valves built in throughout the house. Located in a closet or storage space, the central vacuum hose is what connects to these valves. These lightweight vacuum hoses most often consist of a crushproof exterior which prolongs the life of the hose, and makes it less likely to be damaged. The central vacuum hose can be connected to a wide variety of different electric powerheads or non-electric attachment kits

The possibilities include:

1) An Electric Powerhead : The electric powerhead is perfect for those with all types of carpets in their home. Similar to the head of a normal vacuum cleaner, the motor driven brushroll agitates the carpet while the bristles clean the dirt and dust particles out. The increased suction of a central vacuum system makes this an extremely effective tool in cleaning your home.

2) An Air Turbine Powerhead : The air turbine powerhead is most efficient for homes that have medium to low pile carpet and area rugs. This system utilizes the suction of the central vacuum to drive a brushroll. In comparison to an electric powerhead the air turbine powerhead fares quite well, but when dealing with a home that is primarily carpet, we would recommend the electric unit.

3) Bare Floor Attachments : The bare floor attachment is used for hardwood floors, tile, and all other types of hard surfaces. This attachment is superior on these types of surfaces due to its lack of a rotating brushroll. Rotating brushrolls seem to spread the dirt and dust on hard surfaces.

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