Choosing Your Inlet Valves


Choosing your number and type of valves:

Choosing the number and type of valves you want in your home depends on the square footage of the home, along with your preference on where to plug into your electric supply.

*You should approximately have 1 valve for every 675 sq. ft. in your home.*

There are two types of valves you can choose from:

The standard central vacuum valve has low voltage wired straight to it, giving it a wired connection to the unit. The hose plugs into these valves, completes a circuit, and the machine is able to be turned on/off. If you use an electric powerhead with a standard central vacuum valve, you must plug the 6 ft. extension cord into a power outlet nearby. All universal hoses will be able to use this type valve.

standard central vacuum inlet valve

The electric central vacuum valve has low voltage and 110v wired straight to the valve. The low voltage is used to communicate with the main unit, while the 110v is used to supply electricity to the powerhead. These valves are more convenient due to the lack of need for a power outlet. Most universal hoses that are wired for direct-connect capability can use this type of valve.
electric inlet valve