Choosing Your Power Unit


Choosing your Powerunit:for your powerunit is the most important factor when purchasing your new central vacuum system. Without the proper unit your system will not function as intended.

As a rule of thumb in the industry, you take the sq. footage of your home, double it, then choose a central vacuum that is rated up to that many sq. ft. This ensures that you have the needed suction to cover you home.

*Another important aspect you should be concerned with is the warranty on your powerunit. Beam and Ecopure central vacuums come with a 10 year warranty on the motor and pc control board, along with a lifetime warranty on the power unit and filter.

There are two different types of units you can choose from:

Filtered Units:
Filtered central vacuum systems utilize a high-quality Gore-Tex®, Teflon®, or other type of filter technology to capture any remaining dirt that does not fall into the dirt chamber. Overall, these units capture more dirt in the collection chamber than other types of central vacuums. Companies such as Beam, Ecopure, Canavac, Electrolux, and Frigidaire use this type of technology. The ability to put these systems in areas where outside venting is impossible makes them very convenient for homeowners.

filtered central vacuum

Cyclonic Units:

Cyclonic central vacuum systems utilize cyclonic technology in order to separate out dust, dirt, and other particulates. This cyclonic action causes most of the particulates to settle in the dust chamber, with a minimal amount going through the exhaust. Companies such as vacuflo and powerstar use this type of technology. Due to some of the particulates exiting through the exhaust, these type of central vacuums need to be vented outside.

cyclonic central vacuum