Choosing Your Powerhead Package


Choosing your powerhead package:

Choosing the right powerhead package to go along with your central vacuum system is very important. You could purchase the strongest powerunit on the market, but without a proper powerhead to help utilize the suction, your system would never reach its full potential.

What type of powerhead you choose depends on the type of flooring you have within your home.

If the majority of your flooring is hardwood and tiles: the turbobrush powerhead would be adequate. This type of powerhead uses the suction of the central vacuum to move a turbine brush system. This brush system will clean well on low-medium pile carpets & area rugs.

If 50% or more of your flooring is carpet we would recommend only an electric powerhead. The electric powerhead kits use a motor powered brushroll which agitates and deeply cleans the carpet. NOT ALL ELECTRIC POWERHEADS ARE THE SAME! In order to maximize the potential of your central vacuum system you need to purchase a quality powerhead kit. The cheaper central vacuum powerhead kits contain brushrolls which do not clean as deeply, and are more prone to damage.

When choosing a powerhead package we recommend Canavac,SEBO, and Centec industries, These central vacuum powerhead kits have been around for 30+ years and have set a standard in the industry for quality. These kits contain quality brushrolls, well made internal components, and a large assortment of tools and attachments.

The Centec CT-14DXQD Powerhead Kit:
The simplicity of this powerhead is what makes it one of the most popular central vacuum attachment kits . Its durable internal components and overall quality make it a best buy.
Centec Power Nozzle kit
The Canavac Performance Pack LS Powerhead Kit:
This amazing power nozzle kit is designed to work on many different floor surfaces .With features that include a headlight,auto height adjustment,cogged belt drive,and whisper quite operation this is a great choice for homes with equal amount of carpeting and hard or tiled flooring.
Canavac performance pack
The XLS Pro Series & SEBO ET-2 Powerhead Kit:
The ultimate in central vacuum attachments kits, the The XLS Pro Series & SEBO ET-2 Power head Kit:s give you incredible value and performance. These power heads packages combine excellent quality and features. German engineered and designed to exacting standards these power nozzle kits are easy to care for, light weight and can maneuver under beds, tables, and around tricky corners.
Canavac XLS Pro KitSebo ET-1 Kit