Floor/Carpet Scrubbers



What are Floor Scrubbers,Carpet Shampooers and Steam Cleaners?

Floor scrubbers, Carpet shampooers and steam cleaners are the best way to clean your flooring and carpeting in your home. Depending on your needs these systems offer an advantage over hand cleaning of these surfaces. Some units are specialized to just one surface that they can clean while others offer mufti surface cleaning.

Systems include:

1) Floor Scubbers: There are a couple types of floor scrubbers that are designed to clean bare flooring and tile as well as carpeting. These types of floor scrubbers have been around for some time and work well using removable disks for cleaning and polishing different surfaces. Koblenz is the best on the market for this type of cleaning and can be used on many different surfaces. Cleaning and polishing bare floor and tiles, shampooing carpeting as well as brick flooring and other uneven surfaces.

2) Carpet Extractors: Carpet extractors are used to extract shampoos and other cleaners from carpeted surfaces. They are designed to inject and extract fluids into and out of your carpeting using powerful water jetting and vacuuming These systems can be used in conjunction with carpet scrubbers to thoroughly clean your carpeting for professional results.

3) Specialty Floor Cleaners: Lindhaus makes a professional grade floor Scrubber/Cleaner that is designed for bare floor surfaces. It has the ability to clean your flooring surface without over wetting the flooring, keeping your flooring instantly dry as you use it. Utilizing  a mild detergent formula that leaves no residue, This system is used in heavy traffic areas that need to be cleaned fast and safely such as restaurants and other commercial bushiness's. This system can also be used in households if cost is not a factor.

4) Steam Cleaners: Steam cleaners use super heated steam to clean and sanitize floor surfaces without the need for any chemicals or special cleaners. Gruene makes a great steam cleaner. Simply change the soft cleaning cloth and fill the unit with fresh clean water to clean any flooring surface.

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