TurboCat Turbine Carpet Nozzle Grey

TurboCat Turbine Carpet Nozzle Grey

    Price: $108.95

    Code: 8695G

    Weight: 8.00 pounds

    TurboCat Turbine Carpet Nozzle Grey
    The TurboCat is a powerful, air-driven turbine power head that harnesses the airflow of the central vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning. The all-new TurboCat 8695 is manufactured to maximize power and bring consistent dependable performance for deep, thorough cleaning. Whole house cleaning has never been easier thanks to the high performance features included in the TurboCat. You will be on the cutting edge with this power head and its light, low profile body, and 13" cleaning path. If you are looking to clean those tight areas in your home, the TurboCat glides across your heavy pile carpeting without getting bogged down. If those features don't convince you how easy it is to use the TurboCat air powered power head, then consider the quick release function of the wands. The Vacuflo Turbocat power head is designed for the way people clean today. It’s light, responsive, and highly maneuverable. It’s easy to use, but will be hard on the dust and dirt in your home.



    • High Speed Turbine & Shaft for Power
    • Automatic Height Adjustment
    • Sleek, Low Profile
    • Quick Disconnect Neck
    • Large, Rear Wheels
    • Super Quiet
    • Light and maneuverable
    • Cogged belt drive
    • low profile body