Centec CT23QD CT10 Complete Set 91156 DC 30 ft

Centec CT23QD CT10 Complete Set 91156 DC 30 ft

    Price: $498.95

    Code: 91156

    Weight: 25.00 pounds

    Centec CT23QD CT10 Complete Set 91156 DC 30 ft
    The Centec CT23QD and CT10 Complete Set DC 30' contains both the CT23QD and the CT10 Response power nozzles. The CT23QD excels by allowing self adjusting air relief through the vents in the nozzle so that the powerhead cannot seal to the carpet.

    This kit includes:
    • Electric hose, wands, and Response™ II CT23 electric powerhead for designed for soft carpeting
    • Response QT10 powerhead designed for bare floors (the first of its kind!)
    • 30 Foot Direct Connect Hose
    • Extra telescoping wand
    • Bare floor brush
    • Crevice tool
    • Upholstery tool
    • Dusting brush
    • Hose storage rack
    • Hose clip for storing accessories


    Response™ II CT23 features:

    • QuietDrive™ poly V belt for long life, which is positioned away from the end of the agitator, providing true edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle.
    • Trouble free tilt and roll over molded wheels positioned inside the agitator for excellent surface grooming. 
    • A four position height adjustment is ideal for use on both traditional or high density soft carpets.
    • Control of the wand release and height adjustment is located to eliminate the need to raise ones foot from the floor to control the feature.
    • A double swivel neck for improved maneuverability.
    • A soft wrap around bumper protects furnishings and base boards from unwanted marks.
    • Headlight, quick wand release, a low profile, and high styling speak to the quality of the Response™ II CT23.