Centec CT20QS Premium Plus w/Dirt Sensor Kit 94116B DC 30ft Hose

Centec CT20QS Premium Plus w/Dirt Sensor Kit 94116B DC 30ft Hose

    Price: $410.99

    Code: 94116b

    Weight: 24.00 pounds

    Centec CT20QS Premium Plus w/Dirt Sensor Kit 94116B DC 30ft Hose
    The 94116B package is designed to meet or exceed the customer's expectations for cleaning performance at an affordable cost. The QuietDrive electric brush is complemented by a dual switched hose putting control of the system and power head at your fingertips. The kit includes a comprehensive set of attachments and accessories to handle all home cleaning needs with the CT20DXQS 14” Electric Brush w/Dirt Sensor.

    This package includes:

    • Soft Grip, Crushproof Hose with a Chrome Stub Tube
    • ButtonDown™ Chrome Integrated Ratchet Wand
    • ButtonDown™ Aluminum Telescopic Wand
    • 12” Hard Floor Brush with Natural fill
    • Compact Hand Turbine
    • Premium Upholstery Nozzle
    • Premium Dusting Brush with Natural Fill
    • 13” Premium Crevice Tool
    • A Mesh Tool Bag for convenient storage of your central vacuum accessories.
    • A Clip-On Tool Caddy so you can take your attachments with you while you clean.
    • A Premium Hose Hanger so you can store your hose neatly and out of the way when not in use.

    This package also includes a QuietDrive Plus Powerhead. The CT20DXQS features:

    • A 14" wide cleaning path and low, slim design for thorough and convenient cleaning of carpets and underneath furniture.
    • A wrap around bumper to protect your baseboards and furniture from damage while vacuuming.
    • Over-molded wheels to prevent marring of smooth floors and for quiet operation.
    • Brush edge cleaners on both sides to pick up stubborn dirt beside baseboards and next to furniture.
    • A headlight to make vacuuming in low lighting more convenient.
    • Easy release to separate the brush from the wand without bending over.
    • QuietDrive belts that are always in contact, resulting in less vibration and noise. This allows for less maintenance and quiet operation.
    • A Dirt Sensor. A red light alerts the user that the powerhead is still picking up dirt. A green light alerts the user when the carpet is clean.
    • An overload protector shuts off the powerhead in case of obstruction to prevent damage. Once the obstruction is removed, the powerhead can be restarted by pressing the reset button.