Electrolux Power Nozzle Kit

Electrolux Power Nozzle Kit

    Price: $529.00

    Code: CS3000

    Weight: 23.00 pounds

    Electrolux Power Nozzle Kit
    The QuietClean Power Team defies the sound barrier with up to five decibels is less than other "quiet" models. A quiet but complete cleaning experience.

    • Hose handle that houses ergonomically designed tools for convenient access
    • Three-position height adjuster used for different carpet lengths
    • Premier tools for upholstery, hardwood/tile floors, crevices and much more
    • Telescopic wand and quick release neck used to quickly change attachment tools
    • Quilted hose sock to assure protection for wall corners and furniture
    • Light-Emitting Diode (LED) long-life headlight for dark corners and under furniture