Centec CT20DXQS Power Head

Centec CT20DXQS Power Head

    Price: $238.44

    Code: CT20DXQS

    Weight: 8.00 pounds

    Centec CT20DXQS Power Head
    The CT20DXQS QuietDrive Plus nozzle features wrap around bumpers for protecting fine furniture and baseboards, height adjustment for a wide variety of carpet, large rear wheels to help negotiate around furniture and uneven surfaces, a reset button to protect the motor from jams, headlight and an easy release at the power head for wand use. The QuietDrive features belt technology that eliminates the rattle and grinding of noisy geared belt systems with a multi-grooved reinforced belt for continuous contact and efficient transfer of power-to-brush. It's a dramatically quieter system that delivers a positive drive that won't slip or ratchet under severe cleaning conditions.



    • QuietDrive Plus
    • 14 inch cleaning path
    • Two side brushed edge cleaning
    • Head light
    • poly-V drive
    • Easy release neck