Vacumaid EB-210C Power Head

Vacumaid EB-210C Power Head

    Price: $143.71

    Code: EB-210C

    Weight: 8.00 pounds

    Vacumaid EB-210C Power Head
    The EB-210C QuietDrive Plus offers top of the line cleaning in a 12 inch power brush with its solid performance and low noise operation. The height adjustment permits adjustment to any carpet conditions for superior cleaning and grooming performance. The soft wrap around bumper protects your base boards and furnishings from being scratched or marred. The wide full length headlight lights the darkest of paths for you to see clearly. The belt saver feature shuts off the brush protecting your motor and belt in the event you may pick up loose items such as a rug fringe, shoelaces, or socks by accident.



    • QuietDrive Plus
    • 12 inch cleaning path
    • Two side brushed edge cleaning
    • Head light
    • poly-V drive
    • four position height adjustment
    • wedge profile
    • Easy release neck