Vacumaid EB-300NL Power Head

Vacumaid EB-300NL Power Head

    Price: $230.00

    Code: EB-300NL

    Weight: 8.00 pounds

    Vacumaid EB-300NL Power Head
    The EB-300NL is designed to be used with any standard electric hose. This fine product was engineered and manufactured in Germany. The EB-300NL has a built in headlight and will connect to your existing wands and hose. The contemporary design of this nozzle was done specifically for the U.S. market with all the functions and features of a European power head. The EB-300NL offers unmatched performance. If the parking system with an integrated on/off switch and motor management don’t convince you to look at this power head, then consider its ability to really clean your bare floors and carpeting.



    • ABS plastic hood and base
    • Circuit protector
    • Chevron brush
    • Parking auto off when wand is in up position
    • Double swivel neck
    • 13.5” Cleaning Path
    • Headlight