Wessel-Werk EBK360 Soft Clean Power Head

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Soft Clean Power Head

    Price: $239.95

    Code: FA-57344-1

    Weight: 8.00 pounds

    Wessel-Werk EBK360 Soft Clean Power Head
    The Wessel-Werk EBK360 Soft Clean power head is made for Ultra Soft Carpeting. This high quality, deep cleaning power head has an impressive 5 position carpet height adjustment, quick neck release, and wand release, you get convenience plus versatility. The bright LED headlight will save energy and last longer than traditional headlights. The Wessel-Werk EBK360 Soft Clean power nozzle has a rubber strip and soft rubber wheels making it ideal for use not only on carpeting, but also on bare floors. With a Chevron designed roller brush the effectiveness of the brush roller agitation is maximized, which means maximized cleaning. Features of the Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Soft Clean powerhead are: LED headlight Large edge cleaning channels Chevron brush 4 Soft rubber wheels Double swivel neck 14" Cleaning Path 5-Step height adjustment,air channels for easy use on Ultra Soft carpeting.

    The EBK360 Soft Clean Powerbrush has these features:

    LED Headlight
    Extremely durable, long lasting LED Headlight will not fail like conventional incandescent lamps. High output LEDs guarantees superior illumination.

    Height Adjustment
    The unique height adjustment pedal offers 5 carpet height settings. The EBK 360 height adjustment can accommodate virtually all carpet piles/densities/thicknesses.

    Large Intake Orifice
    Dramatically reduces the chances of clogging and increases air flow to achieve enhanced effectiveness. The sculpted chevron brush roll guides debris towards intake orifice; provides constant and even brush contact to the floor; reduces wear and prolongs the life of the belt, bearings, motor, etc.

    Soft Clean Technology
    Has air channels on the front of the powerhead that allow air to pass between the nozzle and the carpet, allowing it to be pushed easily on Ultra Soft carpeting.