Canavac PowerPlus Kit 35

Canavac PowerPlus Kit 35

    Price: $579.00

    Code: PowerPlus35

    Weight: 25.00 pounds

    Canavac PowerPlus Kit 35
    The Canavac PowerPlus Kit includes many advanced features for high usage applications. The Canavac PowerPlus Kit includes: 35' crush proof recessed hose, 14" PowerPlus power head (020194), natural bristle floor brush, dusting brush with natural bristles, crevice tool, upholstery tool, slip-on brush tool caddy, hose hanger, metal telescopic wand, two metal wands for electric power head, and mesh tool bag. Works with all central vacuums. 6 year warranty covers the power head, hose and cleaning attachments. After 3 years electrical components are covered at 50%, belts are lifetime. Proof of purchase required to validate warranty.



    • Headlight
    • Cogged Belt Drive
    • Quick disconnect wand release
    • Wand Height Adjustable
    • Heavy Duty