About Us

The VacuumStore.com Difference

VacuumStore.com is an industry leader in all things vacuum related.  We've been in business for over 43 years and our dedicated team has over a century's worth of combined experience.  We know how to recommend the perfect vacuum to suit each customers' unique needs and, most importantly, we follow up with service after the sale.  We value our customers and are committed to delivering unmatched customer service.

Today, things are changing at a rapid rate, and the vacuum industry is no exception. We continuously educate ourselves on modern carpet and flooring types to keep up-to-date with the best vacuum for each unique situation.  We are not a "one-size-fits-all" industry.  We pay attention to these flooring trends and what your needs are, and whether it be HEPA allergy filtration, pet hair, attachments or lightweight vacuums, VacuumStore.com has you covered.

We keep up on the service side of the field as well, monitoring the quality of design, product durability, parts availability and all aspects that go into making a great vacuum cleaner.  We sell dependable vacuums in all price ranges from all of the top manufacturers.  We don't want the vacuums that we sell going into a landfill every year.

Our philosophy is simple: Any company can sell a great product, it's the service after the sale that sets you apart.  At VacuumStore.com we value your business and aim to be your premier vacuum destination for years to come.