CleanMax Parts - Model CMP-5T - Nozzle Assembly

1 K50324040 Shock Absorber
2 K50582860 Glide Sole
3 K50328480 Top Cover, Green
4 K40606970 Housing, Complete
5 K45150960 Adjusting Wheel, Complete
6 Not Available
Locking Piece Kit
7 K44812650 Pedal, Foot, Complete
8 K55153740 Wheel, Rear
9 K69066410 Brush Roll, Soft Standard, Agitator
10 K63431870 Lock Washer
11 K63431190 Lock Washer
12 K54012880 Screw, Union Part
13 K73031060 Screw, 4 x 12
14 K40638920 Cap, Brush Side, Brush Roll
15 K40637740 Cover, Coupling
16 K44700220 Clutch, Coupling
17 K28842740 Belt, Front & Back, 2-Pack
18 K73031080 Screw, 5 x 20
Not Shown K94121780 Axle, Shaft with Groove
K50326170 Moulded Part Ring

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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