Riccar Parts - Model PRIMA Series - Lower Body

1 B338-23B4 Bag Compartment Filter Frame
2 B338-8000 Foam, Secondary Filter, Bulk
2 Not Available Granulated Charcoal Secondary Filter, Bulk
2 RF19 HEPA and Foam Secondary Filter Set
2 RF19G HEPA and Granulated Charcoal Secondary Filter Set
3 RCH-6 HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
3 RCHC-6 Charcoal/HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
4 B338-1700 Bar Compartment Seal
5 B338-4700 HEPA Filter Seal
6 B338-3300 Main PCB w/Variable Speed Control (Straight Suction)
6 B338-9000 Main PCB w/Variable Speed Control (Powered Version)
7 B338-6500 Spring Bag Holder
8 B338-50B4 Bag Holder
9 B338-0414 Bag Compartment Insert/Motor Cover
10 B338-0600 Cord Reel
11 C338-0200 Wheel Assembly
12 B338-4800 Cord Reel Cooling Tube
13 B338-0914 Back Docking
14 C338-0614 Front Caster Assembly
15 B338-0714 Handle Grip
16 B338-0114 Bottom Housing
17 B338-4400 Motor Compartment Seal
18 B338-4500 Motor Compartment Sound Dampener
19 Not Available Bumper
20 B338-5100 Motor Compartment Wire Grommet
21 B338-3100 On/Off Switch