Riccar Parts - Model PRIMA Series - Upper Body

1 B338-24SV FBI Bezel
2 B338-8300 Lid Hinge, E-Clip
3 B338-03PB Light Blue Bag Door Lid (PRIMA.2, PRIMA.4SS)
3 B338-03MB Dark Blue Bag Door Lid (PRIMAP.2, PRIMAP.CPN, PRIMAP.FSN)
3 B338-9600 Matte Black Bag Door Lid (PRIMAP.TAD, PRIMAP.TAP, R50SS, R50FSN, R50TAP)
4 B338-10SV Bag Lid Latch
5 B338-2914 Lid Hinge Cover
6 B338-4600 Lid Hinge Pin
7 B338-3000 Hinge Seal Grommet
8 C338-0300 FBI Assembly
9 B338-2600 Main Inlet Seal
10 B338-1614 Main Suction Inlet (Straight Suction Version)
10 B338-9100 Main Suction Inlet (Powered Version)
11 Not Available Wiring Harness (Powered Versions Only)
12 Not Available Lid Wiring Cover, Small
13 Not Available Lid Wiring Cover, Large
14 B338-3200 Variable Speed Slide
15 B338-8100 Variable Slide Bushing
16 B338-14SV Variable Speed Slide Cover
17 B338-1314 On/Off Foot Pedal
18 Not Available Control Panel Bezel
19 B338-6600 Spring On/Off Foot Pedal
20 Not Available Back Docking
21 Not Available Cord Reel Plug Pocket
22 B338-1214 Cord Strain Relief
23 B338-02PB Light Blue Top Housing (PRIMA.2, PRIMA.4SS)
23 Not Available Dark Blue Top Housing (PRIMAP.2, PRIMAP.CPN, PRIMAP.FSN)
23 Not Available Matte Black Top Housing (PRIMAP.TAD, PRIMAP.TAP, R50SS, R50FSN, R50TAP)
24 B338-2500 Lid Latch Flat Spring
25 B338-52B4 HEPA Filter, Bulk
25 RF19 HEPA Filter Set (Includes Secondary Foam Filter)
25 RF19G HEPA and Granulated Charcoal Secondary Filter Set
26 Not Available Wire Strain Relief

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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