Riccar Parts - Model R10D / R10P / R10S / R10SAND / R17 - Nozzle Assembly


1 B220-2421 Purple Nozzle Cover (R10S)
1 B220-2484 Gold Nozzle Cover (R10D)
1 D220-2425 Ruby Red Nozzle Cover w/Sensor Lens (R10P)
1 D220-2451 Emerald Nozzle Cover w/Sensor Lens (R10SAND)
1 D220-2471 Black Nozzle Cover w/Sensor Lens (R17)
2 B220-2614 Furniture Guard
3 B018-0415 Lens
4 D220-4000 Motor Assembly Flat Belt (R10S, R10D)
4 D220-4100 Motor Assembly Lifetime Belt (R10P, R10SAND, R17)
5 B220-4314 Motor Fan
6 B220-4414 Pivot Bushing
7 B480-4514 Motor Inlet Seal
8 RBS-2 Flat Belt (2-Pack) (R10S, R10D)
8 B014-0814B Flat Belt Bulk Single (R10S, R10D)
8 B014-1200 Lifetime Belt (R10P, R10SAND, R17)
9 D220-0114 Basetray Assembly
10 B220-0900 Spring
11 B220-0714 Pedal
12 B220-0800 Pedal Pivot
13 D220-0714 Pedal Assembly
14 54.136 Axle Clamp
15 B220-0214 Inlet Duct Cover
16 D375-1400 Hall Sensor Assembly (R10P, R10SAND, R17)
17 A018-1000 Dowel Pin (R10P, R10SAND)
18 B317-0000K PC Board (R10S, R10D)
18 B317-1000BK PC Board for Hall Sensor (R10P, R10SAND, R17)
19 B010-2800C Large Wheel Axle
20 C220-0531C Rear Wheel
21 D010-2631 Front Wheel Assembly
22 A732-8414 Screw Hi Lo #8 x 7/16"
23 A732-8314 Screw Hi Lo #8 x 5/8"
24 D220-0414 Baseplate Assembly (R10S, R10D, R10P, R10SAND)
24 D220-1414 Soft Carpet Baseplate Assembly (Optional R17)
25 Order #24 Baseplate Cover
26 B015-3000B Squeegee (R10S, R10D, R10P, R10SAND)
26 B015-3200 Squeegee (R17 Soft Carpet Baseplate)
27 B220-0414 Baseplate Cover Screw
28 B370-1700B Bottom Plate Axle
29 B370-1843 Bottom Plate Wheels
30 A018-0900 Light Socket
31 A350-0000 Light Bulb
32 D012-2800 Wood Agitator (R10S, R10S.2)
32 D220-0200 Metal Agitator for Flat Belt (R10S.4, R10D)
32 D013-0500 Metal Agitator for Lifetime Belt (R10P, R10SAND, R17)
33 B220-4014 Scroll Housing Right
34 B220-4114 Scroll Housing Left (Fan Cover)
35 B016-1914 Hall Sensor Plug (R10S, R10D)
36 A018-1414 Breaker Plug (R10P, R10SAND, R17)
37 B034-0100 Strain Relief Washers
38 A732-2500 Combo Screw M4 x 12
39 A432-0605 Hex Nut 1/4-20
40 A733-2200 Washer Over Fan
41 A733-3300 Washer Under Fan
42 B220-4500 Felt Seal
43 A732-3000 E Clip .250 (R10S, R10D)
44 A028-0114B 5 Amp Circuit Breaker (R10S, R10D)

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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