Simplicity Parts - Model CINCH / JESSIE / VERVE - Lower Body

1 SHH-6 HEPA Bags (6-Pack)
TB-900 HEPA Bags (Bulk Single)
2 C390-0600 Bag Holder (Includes Spring)
3 B390-4700 Filter Frame
4 C390-0700 Secondary Filter
SF-I8 Filter Set (Includes HEPA and Secondary)
5 B390-1000 Furniture Guard
6 B390-3300 Lower Body Compartment
7 B390-1400K Main PC Board
8 B390-3200 Pressure Switch Hose (FBI)
9 D390-1400 Cord Reel Assembly
10 B390-3400 Handle Cover
11 B390-1300 Wand Parking Bracket
12 C390-0800 Caster Wheel Assembly
13 B390-2500 Main PCB Fuse, White (All Models)
14 B390-2600 Power Nozzle Fuse, Clear (CINCH, VERVE)

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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