Simplicity Parts - Model F3400 / F3500 / F3500C / F3600 / F3700 / F3700.SAND / F3700C - Handle and Bag

1 D431-3214 Handle Assembly Single Speed (F3400, F3500)
1 D431-3100 One Speed Handle Assembly Commercial (F3500C)
1 D431-3714 Two Speed Handle Assembly Household (F3600)
1 D431-3314 Two Speed Handle Assembly Household (F3700, F3700.SAND)
1 D431-3400 Two Speed Handle Assembly Commercial (F3700C)
2 C431-3614 Handle Grip
3 A732-8314 Screw, #8 x 5/8"
4 A732-8414 Screw, #8 x 7/16"
5 A428-2014 One Speed Main Switch (F3400, F3500, F3500C)
5 A428-2200 Two Speed Main Switch (F3600, F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
6 B123-0100 Wire Connector Medium
7 B431-3314C Handle Back
8 B431-3714 Plastic Cord Hook Swivel (F3400, F3500, F3600, F3700, F3700.SAND)
8 B384-0900 Metal Cord Hook (F3500C, F3700C)
9 B430-0200 Upper Cord Hook Spring (F3400, F3500, F3600, F3700, F3700.SAND)
10 A430-0405 Upper Cord Hook Washer
11 A430-0205 Upper Cord Hook Screw
12 B431-3504E Steel Handle Tube
13 A432-0705 Screw, #10 32 x 1.625
14 B430-1205 Metal Lower Cord Hook
15 B431-2914E Handle Tube Bracket
16 A432-0805 Hex Nut
17 D431-3014 Lower Handle Upper Fan Housing (F3500C, F3700C)
17 D431-0200 Lower Handle Upper Fan Housing (F3400, F3500, F3600, F3700, F3700.SAND)
18 B211-3614 Bag Holder
19 B211-6400 Bag Collar Seal
20 B211-2314 Bag Collar Ring
21 D211-3614 Bag Holder Assembly
22 B211-1014B Lower Bag Clip No Print (F3400, F3500, F3600, F3700, F3700.SAND)
22 B211-1914F Lower Bag Clip Commercial Print (F3500C, F3700C)
23 D211-6100 Cloth Bag Assembly
24 B211-1204 Lower Bag Spring
25 ULW-PLAIN.2 Paper Bag (Single Bulk)
25 SF-6 Paper Bag (6-Pack)
25 THB-ULW HEPA Bag (Single Bulk)
25 SFH-6 HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
26 D434-3143 Power Cord Assembly One Speed Household (F3400, F3500)
26 D434-3414 Power Cord Assembly One Speed Commercial (F3500C)
26 D434-3643 Power Cord Assembly Two Speed Household (F3600)
26 D434-1800 Power Cord Assembly Household Hall Sensor (F3700, F3700.SAND)
26 D434-1900 Power Cord Assembly Commercial Hall Sensor (F3700C)
27 A732-9206 Screw, Hi Lo #5 Self Threading

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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