Simplicity Parts - Model S10D / S10P / S10S / S10SAND - Handle and Body

1 C220-3514 Handle Grip Assembly
2 A732-8314 Screw, Hi-Lo #8 x 5/8"
3 B333-3014B
Strain Relief
4 A328-1700 Two Speed Switch
5 A732-8414 Screw, Hi-Lo #10 32 x 1.625"
6 B017-2500 Nylon Washer
7 B220-3400 Handle Tube
8 B220-3114 Swivel Cord Hook
9 A432-0705 Screw, #10 32 x 1.625"
10 A430-0405 Washer
11 B220-3314 Swivel Cord Hook
12 B430-0200 Upper Cord Hook Spring
13 B220-1114 Neck Coupling, Back
14 A434-4043 Wire Harness for Non-Hall Sensor Models (S10D, S10S)
A434-4143 Wire Harness for Hall Sensor Models (S10P, S10SAND)
15 A432-0805 Hex Nut #10-32
16 B220-1014 Neck Coupling, Front
17 B220-3014C Handle Duct
18 D484-2282 Bag Mount Assembly
19 B220-3900 Bag Mount Seal
20 B220-5400 Hard Shell Bag
21 B220-5382C HEPA Bag (Bulk Single)
B220-5382D Charcoal/HEPA Bag (Bulk Single)
SLH-6 HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
SLHC-6 Charcoal/HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
B211-8800 Paper Bag (Bulk Single)
22 D434-4243 35' Power Cord Assembly (S10D, S10S)
D434-4343 40' Power Cord Assembly (S10P, S10SAND)
23 B388-5900 Polyurethane Handle Spacer
24 B220-6214 Carry Handle
25 D220-3100 Handle Assembly (S10D, S10S)
D220-3300 Handle Assembly (S10P, S10SAND)

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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