Simplicity Parts - Model S20D / S20D.2 / S20P / S20P.2 / S20S / S20UP / S20UP.2 - Handle Assembly

1 B435-0600B Handle Harness
2 A328-1500 On/Off Switch
3 C435-0414 Handle Grip Assembly, Left & Right
4 B435-1500B Steel Handle Tube
B435-0110B Gun Metal Handle Tube
5 B435-0214 Handle Mount Front
6 B435-0314 Handle Mount Back
7 A430-0900 Lower Cord Hook Screw
8 A430-0405 Upper Cord Hook Washer
9 D434-1014 Power Cord Assembly (S20S, S20D)
D435-1114 Power Cord Assembly (S20P, S20UP)
10 A430-0600B Upper Cord Hook Screw
11 B430-0200 Upper Cord Hook Spring
12 B430-0114 Upper Cord Hook
13 A732-8314 Screw, Hi-Lo #8 x 5/8"
14 B123-0100 Wire Connector
15 D435-0000 Handle Assembly, Complete (S20S, S20D)
D435-0200 Handle Assembly, Complete (S20P, S20UP)
16 A432-0405B Handle Bolt
17 A432-0605 Handle Bolt Nut

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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