Simplicity Parts - Model S20D / S20D.2 / S20P / S20P.2 / S20S / S20UP / S20UP.2 - Nozzle Assembly

1 D432-08A6 Red Nozzle Assembly (S20S)
D432-0814 Black Nozzle Assembly (S20D)
D432-08B4.2 Blue Nozzle Assembly (S20P)
D432-08B5 Pewter Nozzle Assembly (S20UP)
2 B014-0714 Belt (S20S, S20D)
B014-1300 Belt (S20P, S20UP)
3 D020-0600 Foot Pedal Assembly (First Gen)
D020-0700 Foot Pedal Assembly (.2 Models)
4 B020-0800 Foot Pedal Frame (First Gen)
B020-0900 Foot Pedal Frame (.2 Models)
5 B020-0614B Foot Pedal Release (First Gen)
B020-1114 Foot Pedal Release (.2 Models)
6 B020-0700 Spring
7 A732-6500 Nylon Washer
8 B010-1731 Rear Wheel
9 A732-0200 E-Clip
10 B020-0500 Pedal Shaft
11 A732-8314 Screw, Hi-Lo #8 x 5/8" (First Gen)
A732-7906 Screw (.2 Models)
12 B432-1014 Skid Plate, Left (First Gen)
B432-1514 Skid Plate, Left (.2 Models)
13 B432-1114 Skid Plate, Right (First Gen)
B432-1414 Skid Plate, Right (.2 Models)
14 A732-0500 Skid Plate Screw
15 B008-0500 Frame Shaft Spring (First Gen)
B008-1100 Frame Shaft Spring (.2 Models)
16 B008-0100 Roller Frame Shaft
17 B010-1813 Roller Frame Wheel
18 B008-0400B Roller Frame (First Gen)
B008-1000B Roller Frame (.2 Models)
19 D375-1400 Idler Hall Sensor Assembly
20 A732-7300 Screw, Phillips #4 x 5/16" (S20D, S20P, S20UP)
21 D017-5200 Carpet Floor Switch Assembly (First Gen)
D017-5200.2 Carpet Floor Switch Assembly (.2 Models)
22 C017-3800 Carpet Floor Switch Bracket
23 B017-3814B Carpet Floor Switch Rocker
24 B017-4000 Carpet Floor Switch Detent
25 B017-4100 Carpet Floor Switch Pivot Arm
26 B017-4200 Carpet Floor Switch Pivot Arm Pin
27 B017-4800 Clutch Rod (S20D, S20P, S20UP)
B012-3300 Clutch Rod (S20D.2, S20P.2, S20UP.2)
28 B015-0305 Baseplate Lock Stud
29 A018-0800D Light Socket and Harness (S20S, S20D)
A018-1800 Light Socket and Harness (S20P, S20UP)
30 A350-0000 Light Bulb
31 B432-0714C Furniture Guard
32 B432-0300B Agitator Packing Seal
33 B017-2500 Nylon Washer
34 B432-0500 Wire Hose Retainer
35 B432-0414 Wire Hose Threaded Tube
36 A732-0300 E-Clip, 5mm
37 B010-0100 Wheel Shaft
38 A732-7400 Screw
39 B010-2700 Axle Spacer, Single Wheel, Non-Foot Pedal, Outside (.2 Models)
40 B010-2900 Axle Spacer for Foot Pedal and Non-Foot Pedal, Inside (.2 Models)
41 B018-0315C Headlight Lens
42 A018-1100 Hall Sensor Lens (S20P, S20UP)
43 A018-1200 Lens Spacer (S20P, S20UP)
44 B228-0200 Hall Sensor Harness (S20P, S20UP)