Simplicity Parts - Model S20D / S20D.2 / S20P / S20P.2 / S20UP / S20UP.2 - Agitator Assembly

1 B012-0214 Brush Roll Rubber End (S20D, S20P, S20UP)
Not Available
Brush Roll Rubber End (S20D.2, S20P.2, S20UP.2)
2 B012-2300 End Cap, Left
3 B012-0600 Agitator Bearing Felt Cover
4 C012-1500 Agitator Bearing Holder Assembly
5 B012-2400B 10.3mm Red & Gold Nylon Brush Strip (First Gen)
B012-4500 9.7mm Blue & Gold Nylon Brush Strip (.2 Models)
6 C012-0400 Clutch Rubber Pad Assembly
7 B012-1700 Agitator Compression Spring
8 C012-4100 Flat Belt Pulley Assembly (S20D)
C012-1800B Poly V Pulley Assembly (S20P, S20UP)
9 B012-1414 Metal Cam (S20D, S20P, S20UP)
Not Available
Metal Cam (S20D.2, S20P.2, S20UP.2)
10 B012-1514 Clutch Plate Clocking Plastic (S20D, S20P, S20UP)
Not Available
Clutch Plate Clocking Plastic (S20D.2, S20P.2, S20UP.2)
11 B012-1100 End Cap, Right (S20D, S20P, S20UP)
Not Available
End Cap, Right (S20D.2, S20P.2, S20UP.2)
12 B012-1200 Spring Pin
13 Not Available
Agitator Shaft Pinned Clutch
14 A732-0400 Agitator Spring Clip
15 D012-2700 Agitator Assembly Red & Gold Flat Belt Pulley (S20D)
D012-1100 Agitator Assembly Blue & Gold Flat Belt Pulley (S20D.2)
D012-1600 Agitator Assembly Red & Gold Poly V Pulley (S20P, S20UP)
D012-1200 Agitator Assembly Blue & Gold Poly V Pulley (S20P.2, S20UP.2)
Not Shown B40 Washer Adjustment Kit

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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