Simplicity Parts - Model SCRD / SCRD.FETCH / SCRP / SCRS - Main Body

1 SWH-6 HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
B211-6000 HEPA Bag (Single)
2 B480-5314 Electrostatic Post Filter
B480-3014 HEPA Post Filter
3 B480-5500 Secondary Filter, Electrostatic (SCRS)
B480-5700 Secondary Filter, Electrostatic & Charcoal (SCRD, SCRD.FETCH, SCRD.LE, SCRP)
4 B480-5600 Direct Air Motor Filter
5 B480-4600 Post Filter Seal
6 B480-1214 Direct Air Filter Cover
7 A732-8314 Screw, Hi-Lo #8 x 5/8"
8 B480-1114C Motor Cover
9 B480-5200 Motor Cover Filter Foam
10 B480-1414B Bag Mount
11 A328-1100B Thermal Reset Switch
12 B333-0600 Thermal Switch Seal
13 A732-8414 Screw, Hi-Lo #8 x 7/16"
14 A328-1000 Winged Rocker Switch
15 B480-3214 Secondary Filter Screen
16 B480-3114 Secondary Filter Frame
17 B483-0100C Internal Wire Harness
18 B480-5014 Pressure Switch Insert
19 D480-5000 Pressure Switch Hose Assembly
20 B418-0100BK Main PC Board
21 D486-2000 Direct Air Motor Assembly
22 B480-4514 Direct Air Motor Inlet Seal
23 B480-4400B Direct Air Motor Outlet Seal
24 B486-0414B Motor Fan
25 B470-2100 Pivot Bushing, Right
26 B470-2000B Pivot Bushing, Left
27 B480-5814 Motor Cover Seal, Right
28 B480-4314 Motor Cover Seal, Left
29 B480-1314B Carry Handle Insert
30 B480-4100C Upper Compartment Seal
31 D480-1100 Dust Compartment Assembly
32 Order #31
Dust Compartment
33 B480-2214 Tilt Lock Body Plate
34 B480-6300 Wire Inlet Seal
35 B480-6200 Back Cover Short Seal
36 B480-4200 Airpath Back Cover Seal
37 D486-2100 Ametek Clean Air Motor
38 B388-4900 Clean Air Motor Rear Strip Seal
39 B388-5600B Ametek Rear Ring Seal
40 B486-0600 Ametek Front Motor Mount
41 B480-1914 Hose Inlet Elbow
42 B480-5100 Hose Inlet Elbow Seal
43 B480-4700 Hose Inlet Seal
44 B480-2014B Lower Crevice Tool Clip (SCRD, SCRD.FETCH, SCRD.LE, SCRP)
45 B480-1714D Back Cover
46 B480-2114B Upper Crevice Tool Clip (SCRD, SCRD.FETCH, SCRD.LE, SCRP)
47 A328-1400 Roto Valve Switch
48 A732-9005 Screw
49 B380-2014 Crevice Tool Clip
50 A732-2500 Screw
51 B480-1614C Valve Knob
52 D480-1514 Valve Body Assembly (With Seal)
53 B480-1814 Valve Switch Cover
54 Not Available
Tool Cavity Cover (SCRS)
55 B455-0514 Hose Inlet Cap Tether (SCRS)
56 B455-0414B Hose Inlet Cap (SCRS)

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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