Simplicity Parts - Model SYMCBP.1 / SYMPBP.2 - Main Body Front

1A D224-0593 Dust Cover Assembly (SYMCBP.1)
D224-0546 Dust Cover Assembly, Black
1B D017-0526 Dust Cover Assembly (SYMPBP.2)
2 C224-0014 Dust Cover Latch Assembly
3 A732-8314 Screw, Hi-Lo #8 x 5/8"
4 A732-9800B Velcro Strip, 3/16" x 2" (SYMCBP.1)
5A Not Available HEPA Post Filter (SYMPBP.2)
SSPF Filter Set, HEPA and Charcoal
6 B224-0414F Dust Compartment
7 B221-0814 Dust Compartment Side Seal
8 B222-0600 Filter Support Screen
9 B222-1200B Charcoal Secondary Filter (SYMPBP.2)
B222-0100 Secondary Filter, Black (SYMCBP.1)
10 A430-0800 Body Wire Hole Plug
11 B211-5800 HEPA Bag
12 C227-0300B Full Bag Indicator Light
13 B224-3900B Motor Cord, Hall Sensor (SYMPBP.2)
B224-3114 Motor Cord, Commercial (SYMCBP.1)
14 A732-4600 Motor Ground Screw (SYMCBP.1)
15 B017-4400 Baseplate Cover Catch
16 B221-0600 Motor Compartment Seal, Small
17 B221-0700 Motor Compartment Seal, Large
18 D123-1000 Thermal Switch Assembly
19 A732-7300 Screw, #4 x 5/16"
20 B228-0120K Hall Sensor Board Kit
21 B333-3500 Thermal Breaker Lead, Orange
22 B228-0200 Hall Sensor Wire Harness
23 B227-0014 Pressure Switch Mount
24 B227-1200 Pressure Switch
25 A432-0605 Handle Bolt Nut
26A D235-0400 Electrical Connector Female Assembly (SYMPBP.2)
26B D235-0401 Electrical Connector Female Assembly (SYMCBP.1)
27 B123-0214G Motor Cover
28 B221-0413 Motor Cover Seal
29 B222-0400 Motor Exhaust Filter
30 D123-0414 Motor Cover Assembly
31 B221-0313 Switch Cover Seal
32 B324-0114 Switch Cover, Black

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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