Simplicity Parts - Model VERVE - Full Size Power Nozzle

1 D350-4543B Neck Assembly w/Cord
2 B350-7314B Canister Connection Plug
3 A732-8414 Screw, Hi-Lo #8 x 7/16"
4 B350-7700 Wand Release Axle
5 B350-7600B Wand Release Spring
6 B350-4714C Teflon Seal
7 B350-7514B Wand Release Lower Pedal
8 B350-7414B Wand Release Upper Pedal
9 Order #1
10 C350-1000 Top Housing Assembly (Black)
11 B350-1515 Headlight Lens
12 D350-5100 Hidden Raceway Assembly
13 B350-5943 Pedal
14 B350-2601 Tilt Lock Lever
15 B350-2801 Tilt Lock Pin
16 B350-5114 Hidden Raceway
17 D350-9900 Bottom Housing Assembly
18 B350-8701B Felt Seal for Bottom Housing
19 B350-3500 Tilt Lock Torsion Spring
20 B350-3400 Tilt Lock Link
21 D350-6531 Rear Wheel Assembly w/Axle
22 C350-4300 LED Assembly
23 C350-9700 Height Adjust Assembly
24 B350-5300 Pedal Compression Spring
25 A350-0100B Light Socket
26 B350-6197B Reflector
27 A113-2200 Power Nozzle Motor
28 B350-2514 Belt
29 A350-0000 Light Bulb, Xenon, 12V
30 A350-2200 Height Adjust Tension Spring
31 C350-9800 Height Adjust Bar Assembly
32 B350-4000B Retaining Ring, 5/16"
33 B350-3942 Height Adjust Wheel
34 D351-2100 Steel Agitator Assembly
35 D350-3314 Belt Housing with Seals
36 B350-8601B Felt Seal for Belt Housing
37 C351-5700 Axle Stamping Assembly
38 C351-5800 Bottom Plate Assembly
39 A430-0205 Baseplate Screw, #8 16 x 2.5
40 A733-0300 Motor Screw, M3 x 21
41 D350-1100 2.5A Breaker (.4 and Later Models)
D350-1800 2.5A Breaker (.2 and Older Models with Ametek Motors)
D350-1700 3A Breaker (.2 and Older Models with Northland Motors)
42 A733-0200B Hex Nut for Breaker
43 A733-0100B Lock Washer for Breaker
44 SPB-200S.6 Power Nozzle Assembly

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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