XLS Pro 020022 Power Head

XLS Pro 020022 Power Head

    Price: $429.95

    Code: 020022

    Weight: 8.00 pounds

    XLS Pro 020022 Power Head
    The new Canavac XLS PRO power brush includes many advanced features for high usage applications. The belt is fiberglass reinforced. The double brush bearings are oversized and sealed for years of maintenance free use. The bearing holders are also unique and made from cast aluminum. Even the cleaning shoe is covered with stainless steel plates and carpet protectors. When the brush roller wears, simply buy a replacement and within seconds (without any tools) your power head is as good as new! Roller wheels on the outer side of the brush prevent damage or scuffing of baseboards and height adjustment allows the user to choose the maximum cleaning performance on thicker carpets.


    The features of the XLS Powerhead:
    • Cogged Belt Drive
    • Steering / 180 Swivel Neck
    • Finger Saver Wand Release
    • Soft Rubber Wheels
    • Use On Hard Floors
    • Wand Height Adjustable
    • Heavy Duty
    • Best Warranty in the Industry!