Beam\Electrolux Q100 Power Head With Led

Beam\Electrolux Q100 Power Head With Led

    Price: $304.99

    Code: 045056

    Weight: 10.00 pounds

    Beam\Electrolux Q100 Power Head With Led

    Beam Q\Electrolux Power Head #045056

    When you think of Q, think QUIET because the Beam/Electrolux Q100 powerhead is the quietest electric power head available. Beam, manufactured by Electrolux, claims this is their best power head. However, please note this power head can only be used with the exclusive Beam or Electrolux square neck wands. It is not a universal power head that can be used with other brands other than Electrolux products. It has several features making it the power head you may want to consider for your Beam central vacuum system. The power head may say Beam Q or Electrolux and may be dark gray, Light Gray or Black depending on stock on hand.



    • Wand is not included with this powerhead
    • Three levels of height adjustment providing Beams highest level of carpet cleaning effectiveness
    • If you need a light to illuminate your cleaning path, the bright LED lights will do the job.
    • E-Z Change release that lets you disconnect the wand from the powerhead for quick touch-up cleaning.
    • Indicator lights on the powerhead to show the height level you are operating at
    • A circuit breaker feature that protects the motor in your powerhead if you pick up something you should'nt
    • Dual edge cleaning
    • Poly-v belt that rarely breaks
    • Double brush roller
    • Overmolded wheels for easy gliding on the carpet
    • Steel axle and bearings in the wheels for durability
    • Color may very depending on stock on hand