Beam Classic ll CP150

Beam Classic ll CP150

    Price: $159.00

    Code: 045398

    Weight: 8.00 pounds

    Beam Classic ll CP150
    This Beam Classic II power head, manufactured by Electrolux, is the most economical of the Beam power brushes for your central vacuum system. It has a full 12" wide cleaning path with self-adjusting height control for different carpet heights. An incandescent headlight illuminates your cleaning path. A foot pedal controls an easy handle release. The power head uses a basic flat belt system.



    • LED headlight to illuminate your cleaning path
    • Floating head that automatically adjusts to the floor height
    • Round neck with a quick release feature
    • Circuit breaker to protect the motor and cogged belt from damage if you pick up something you shouldnt
    • Single edge cleaning
    • Overmolded wheels for easy gliding on the carpet
    • Steel axle and bearings in the wheels for durability