MD Blackhawk466 Kit 35

MD Blackhawk466 Kit 35

    Price: $349.00

    Code: 466-35

    Weight: 25.00 pounds

    MD Blackhawk466 Kit 35
    If thorough cleaning on a budget is your main concern, MD's Blackhawk466 power head is the perfect choice. Take the upper hand in carpet grooming with a fully electric powered brush. Blackhawk's electric power driven brush has 80 sets of bristles, allowing all of the suction to pull all the debris from your carpet. Compared to air-driven brushes, the Blackhawk466 is quieter, more aggressive, and does not slow down under load. Plus, if the brush gets jammed while vacuuming it shuts off automatically, preventing a broken belt saving time and money.



    • 35 foot 120/24 volt hose
    • No-slip cogged belt
    • Telescopic extension wand
    • Double brush bearings
    • Easy change release
    • Automatic height adjustment