SuperValve Side-Opening Valve 792070w

SuperValve Side-Opening Valve 792070w

    Price: $13.99

    Code: 792070w

    Weight: 2.00 pounds

    SuperValve Side-Opening Valve 792070w

    The creative design of this SuperValve Side-Opening Electric Valve 792070w has revealed a new look to those traditional vertical-opening valves. It has also provided an opportunity to accommodate installation on the baseboard, which is becoming increasingly popular among home owners.
    Like other SuperValves, this valve, with the built-in high voltage electrical plug, has eliminated the need for extra plugs or extension cords to drive a power beater brush. The power beater brush can be run right away when the hose cuff is plugged into the valve.


    This inlet valve works with Haydens Reversible Flange (Included)

    Reverse Flange


    Reversible flange accommodates different installation requirements:

    Unlike a traditional valve, the flange of this new valve is completely separate from the body, and therefore, it can be placed either on the left or right of the valve depending on your installation requirements. The installer can choose to install the flange in either direction.