Lindhaus PB14 Power Head

Lindhaus PB14 Power Head

    Price: $269.00

    Code: PB14

    Weight: 8.00 pounds

    Lindhaus PB14 Power Head
    The Lindhaus PB12 power head includes many advanced features for high usage applications. The belt, like all Lindhaus products, is fiberglass reinforced. The double brush bearings are oversized and sealed for years of maintenance free use. The bearing holders are also unique and made from cast aluminum. The Lindhaus PB12 Electronic power head cleaning shoe (opening for the brush) is covered with stainless steel plates and carpet protectors. The stainless steel plates prevent damage to the bottom of the nozzle that is common with high or rough usage.




    • Washable Filter
    • Side roller for base board cleaning
    • Chevron brush
    • Cogged Belt design
    • Double swivel neck
    • 12” Cleaning Path
    • Stainless steel bottom plates