Canavac XLS-970 Soft Clean Special Edition Kit

Canavac XLS-970 Soft Clean Special Edition Kit

    Price: $1,344.95

    Code: XLS970SCKIT001

    Weight: 60.00 pounds

    Canavac XLS-970 Soft Clean Special Edition Kit
    Buying a new system can sometimes be overwhelming. With all the choices and claims about central vacuums, the right choice can be hard to see. Well you wont have to put your glasses on to see this great deal. The Canavac XLS 970 Soft Clean Special Edition system is the best priced kit anywhere on the planet. It simply has the most powerful system,.. the Canavac XLS 970 and the Best attachment set for "Ultra soft Carpet " The Wessel Werks Soft Clean Set. This great complete set has everything you need to keep your home clean and fresh for years to come. The Canavac XLS 970 has the power to clean homes over 15,000 feet in size. Combine this with the newest power nozzle from Wessel Werks . The Soft Clean 360. and you have the best in cleaning and convenience. This power nozzle was designed by Wessel Werks to work on super soft carpeting as well as normal carpeting and flooring. Vacuumstore is proud to be able to offer this unbelievable deal. Take advantage of this great offer today! Quantities are limited.


    This Kit Includes:

    • XLS 970 central vacuum
    • Wessel Werks Soft Clean 360 power nozzle
    • Electric telescopic wand
    • 35 foot crush proof total control electric hose
    • Hose rack
    • 14 inch floor brush
    • Telescopic straight air wand
    • Dusting brush
    • Upholstery tool
    • Crevice tool
    • Clip on tool caddy
    • 35Ft hose sock
    • Bonus tools: Dust mop, Hand turbo tool, 24" flexible crevice tool.



    Canavac XLS 970

    The Canavac XLS 970 series Power Unit

    • Home Size: Up to 15,000 plus Sq.
    • Metal Construction
    • Quiet Pack
    • 8.4” Dia,Commerical 2 Stage By-Pass Motor
    • Air Watts 750 +
    • Sealed Suction (inches) – 147
    • Circuit Board Electrical Component
    • Sentry Light – Power Indicator
    • Manual On/Off Switch
    • 6 Ft. Power Cord
    • Self Cleaning Filter
    • Dual Intake
    • 7 Gallons Dirt Pail
    • Optional Paper Bag System
    • 3 Paper Bags Included
    • Automatic Utility Inlet Included
    • Quick Designed Mounting Bracket
    • Exhaust Muffler


    Wessel werks Soft Clean Set

    Wessel Werks Soft cleane Attachment Set

    • Wessel Werks 360 Sort Clean Electric Brush
    • Integrated Telescopic Wand
    • 35 Ft. Crush Proof TC Hose
    • Deluxe Floor Brush
    • Telescopic Straight Air Wand
    • Deluxe Dusting Brush
    • Deluxe Upholstery Brush
    • Deluxe Crevice tool
    • Clip-On Caddy
    • Hose Rack


    Bonus Attachments

    • Dust Mop
    • Hand Turbo Tool
    • 35Ft. Padded Hose Sock.
    • 24 Inch Flexible Crevice Tool



    Specifications include:
    Home Size
    Suction Power (water lift)
    Air Watts
    Air Flow (CFM)
    Volts 120
    Amps 14
    Motor Stages
    Filtration bagged or bagless
    Utility Inlet
    Muffler yes
    Motor Protection
    Dirt Capacity
    7 Gallons
    Warranty Motor & Electrical 15 yrs
    Decibels (Approximate) 59db