Doc It



What is “IT” you ask? “IT” is something that everyone who sees it agrees… THEY WANT “IT!”

Cana-Vac is proud to present the only electric hose storage docking station available on the market...Doc IT® Doc IT® eliminates the number one complaint about central vacuum systems…lugging around that bulky hose! The Cana-Vac Doc IT® takes care of that complaint by storing a 45 or 55 foot hose (depending on model) neatly inside a standard household wall cavity thus eliminating the need for storing the hose in a closet or the tedious task of trying to coil the hose manually. Just Doc IT® by pushing the “In” arrow on the hose and the Doc IT® system automatically winds the hose and stores it inside the wall for future use. The hose handle remains ready for use inside the Docking station and is concealed by an attractive cover which can be refitted with custom cabinetry if preferred. Not only is Doc IT® easy to install in both new or existing homes, it is the only hose retracting system with an electric “kink proof” hose meaning that electric attachments can be used.What’s more, a Doc IT® kink proof hose will not lose performance like crushproof central vacuum hoses since it will not kink around furniture or corners. Full performance, all the time.With Doc IT® you have the ability to feed out or retract as much hose as needed! That's right no more tripping over excess hose, simply push the arrow “up” or “down” button to extend as much or as little hose needed while cleaning.

These easy to install packages are available LATE JUNE 2018. Call Today!


Installation Manual .pdf

Rough-in instructions .pdf

Requires higher performance (higher cost) units with more suction to retract hose properly do not work with all systems.

Works with most central vacuum systems (Doc It does not require suction to retract)

Flexibility Lower Overall cost..

Air Only Uses airflow robbing performance to power air turbine tools.

Air or Electric Superior cleaning with electric attachments options or affordable air attachments.

Superior Cleaning

Incremental Hose Retraction. User Must “Lock In” Hose Not Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic Control A Simple push of a button feeds hose in and out.

True Hose Management.

Hose is covered with a hose sock and feeds back into the vacuum plumbing laden with pet odors and other microscopic contaminants.

Hose storage is clean and controlled. Does not come into contact with vacuumed contaminants.

Healthier and Cleaner

Requires long pipe runs and space to install bends etc. for the full length of the hose (30 – 50 feet)

Doc It fits inside a standard wall cavity and is compact.

Reduced Installation Cost

Must wash stinky, dirty hose sock. Inconvenient to remove and replace. Accessibility to parts troublesome.

Access to installation and hose assembly as easy as a flick of a button. Retractor mechanism easily serviced.

Easy trouble shooting / Quick Replacement / Lower Service Expense.

Custom Parts

Standard off the shelf Service Parts

Ease of Service Easier Install Potential lower cost.

Mostly New Home Only Due to Pipe Runs Harder to plan and layout

Easily Installed in both New or Retro Fit Applications.


Limited Installation Opportunity

Compact design allows condo installation

Lower Risk Easier Install

Hose Storage / Air Only

Hose Management / Air or Electric

Better Overall Value