Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best vacuum?

A: There are many excellent vacuums on the market today which we pride ourselves on selling, but we've found that it is not a one size fits all market. There are many variables to take into consideration, such as: Allergy and Asthma concerns which warrant a vacuum with S-class H.E.P.A. filtration, Carpet and flooring types, pet and human hair, ease of use, and overall weight.

Q: Which is better, bags or bagless?

A: A bagged vacuum is hands down a better system for the capture and disposal of household dust and debris. Bags will hold anywhere from 6 to 20 times the amount of dirt than the typical dust cup. Bags are also easily removed from the vacuum and some will even have a self closing inlet so there's no puff of dust during removal. Bagless vacuums don't hold that much debris so they have to be emptied more frequently. After use a bagless vacuum becomes high maintenance if you want it to last: emptying, washing the filter, letting the filter dry, and playing in dirt every time you finish vacuuming-yuck. 

Q: How often will I have to replace my vacuum bag?

A: The typical household averages a vacuum bag every two months but there are many factors that can change the outcome to this question.  Things that will make a bag fill up faster are: home size, the amount of pets in the home, the amount of people in the home, old vs. new carpeting and the amount of general debris brought into the home.

Q: How often should I replace my filter?

A: Some manufacturers will suggest replacing the filter once every three months, while others suggest a yearly replacement. The lifespan of your filter is truly based on hours of usage. The typical household vacuums one hour per week; so a three month filter is usually good for 12 hours of use while a yearly filter is good for 52 hours of usage.

Q: Is there anything that I shouldn't pick up with my vacuum?

A: The "natural enemies" of the household vacuum that will compromise performance are as follows: carpet powders, drywall dust, fireplace ashes, water/moisture, and large objects that are noticeable on the carpet or floor. Ultra-fine dusts will clog the bags or filters and restrict airflow lowering the suction very quickly. Large objects like paper clips, puzzle pieces and toys can often get jammed in the tubing eventually leading to a clog.