Riccar Parts - Model R25D / R25P / R25S - Main Body

1 C600-3000 Bag Door Assembly (R25S)
1 C600-3100 Bag Door Assembly (R25D, R25P)
2 B600-6000 Seal Kit
3 B603-2600 On/Off Switch
4 B603-2800 Pressure Sensor (R25D, R25P)
6 R25S-F Filter Set Electrostatic Post and Secondary (R25S)
6 R25D-F Filter Set HEPA and Foam Charcoal (R25D)
6 R25P-F Filter Set HEPA and Granulated Charcoal (R25P)
8 B600-2714 Secondary Filter Drawer Assembly
9 C601-3000 Spring Assist Assembly
10 C603-1000 Clean Air Motor
12 & 19 B603-2200 Wire Harness Kit (R25S)
12 & 19 B603-1200 Wire Harness Kit (R25D, R25P)
13 B603-2500 Thermal Reset (R25S)
13 B603-3300 Thermal Reset (R25D, R25P)
14 B603-0600 PC Board (R25S)
14 B603-1600 PC Board (R25D, R25P)
17 B600-1866 Lower Cord Hook
20 R25HC-6 Charcoal-Lined HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
21 C601-2266 Pedal Assembly
22 C601-2100 Wheel and Axle Assembly
23 C603-2000 35' Power Cord (R25S)
24 C600-2714 Air Duct Cover Plate Components
25 B600-0214 Front Body Cover (R25P)

Please Note: Most vacuum parts are considered "special order" and may take an additional three to five days of processing time.

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