Simplicity Parts - Model F3400 / F3500 / F3500C / F3600 / F3700 / F3700.SAND / F3700C - Nozzle

1 B018-0315C Headlamp Lens
2 Not Available Nozzle Cover (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600, F3700, F3700.SAND)
2 D017-2114 Black Replacement Nozzle (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600)
2 D017-2214 Black Replacement Nozzle Assembly with Hall Sensor Lens (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700.2SAND)
3 B029-0314 Furniture Guard
4 D123-3814 Fan Duct Cover with Seal
5 C121-0000 Motor Seal Kit
6 B123-3614 Lower Fan Housing
7 B123-3000B Motor Fan
8 A732-9305 Behind Fan Washer (Ametek Motor)
8 A733-3300 Behind Fan Washer
9 A733-2200 Washer (TEK Motor)
10 A732-3000 E-Clip .250" for Motor Shaft Flat Belt (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600)
11 D113-1500 Motor Assembly Straight Shaft (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600)
11 D113-1400 Motor Assembly Pulley Shaft (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
12 A732-8314 Screw, Hi Lo #8 x 5/8
13 B014-0814B Flat Belt Bulk Single (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600)
13 ULW-B2 Flat Belt (2-Pack) (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600)
13 B014-1200 V Belt (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
14 A350-0000 Light Bulb
15 A018-0900 Light Socket
16 D350-6631 Large Rear Wheel and Axle
17 D016-1114 Base Tray Assembly with Plastic Upright Stop
18 B016-1914 Basetray Plug Non Hall Sensor Models (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600)
19 B016-1230 Upright Stop
20 B015-0400 Foam ULW Basetray
21 B010-0001E Base Tray Wheel Axle
22 B010-0614 Base Tray Small Wheel
23 D012-2800 Wood Agitator (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600)
23 D013-0500 Steel Agitator Nylon Strips (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
24 B015-3114 Raw Base Plate (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600, F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
25 B015-3000B Base Plate Squeegee
26 B370-1700B Base Plate Axle
27 B370-1843 Base Plate Wheel
28 D015-2914 Base Plate with Wheels and Squeegee (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
29 A732-2500 Combination Screw, M4 x 12
30 B034-0100 Strain Relief Washer
31 A732-7300 Screw, #4 x 5/16
32 B317-0000K PC Board (F3600)
32 B317-1000BK Hall Sensor PC Board (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
33 A018-1300 Plastic Dowel Pin (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
34 A732-8414 Screw, Hi Lo #8 7/16"
35 D375-1400 Hall Sensor Assembly (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
36 A028-0114B Circuit Breaker 5A (F3400, F3500, F3500C, F3600)
37 A018-1414 Plug for Circuit Breaker Hole (F3700, F3700.SAND, F3700C)
38 B433-0341 Lead Wire Yellow (F3400, F3600)