Simplicity Parts - Model G9 / X9 - Main Body Front

1 D380-1200 Dust Compartment Assembly w/Seals
2 Not Available Dust Compartment (X9.5 and Below)
2 B380-0214F Dust Compartment (X9.5+ and Above All G9)
3 B388-3714 Wire Inlet Seal
4 B388-0300D Airpath Back Cover Seal
5 B380-2400 Tilt Lock Body Plate
6 B380-1314 Carrying Handle
7 SXH-6 HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
7 B211-5900 HEPA Bag, Bulk
8 B388-0214B Motor Cover Seal
9 D380-1114 Motor Cover w/Seals
10 B380-1214 Direct Air Filter Cover
11 Not Available Direct Air Motor Filter
12 A123-0114 Adjustment Hole Plug f/Circuit Board
13 B380-1014 Internal Air Path
14 B388-4814 Secondary Filter Frame (Used with #42)
14 C388-4800 Secondary Granulated Charcoal Filter Assembly
15 B380-2200 Dust Cover Clutch
16 B388-0414B Bag Mount Seal
17 B380-1514 Bag Mount
18 B388-1314B Post Filter Mount
19 B388-1514B Post Filter Seal
20 B388-5200 Clean Air Rear Strip Seal
21 B388-5600B Clean Air Rear Ring Seal
22 B386-2400 Clean Air Motor Mount Front
23 D386-2500 Clean Air Motor Assembly
24 Not Available Main PCB with Memory (X9.6 and Below)
24 B318-1401K Main PCB with Memory (G9, X9.7 and Above)
25 B388-1014B Direct Air Motor Inlet Seal
26 D386-2200 Direct Air Motor Assembly (X9.5 and Below)
26 D386-2400 Direct Air Motor Assembly (G9, X9.5+ and Later)
27 B388-4300B DAM Outlet Seal
28 A732-9305 Fan Washer
29 B386-1700 Direct Air Cleaning Fan
30 B388-0114B Primary Dust Compartment Seal
31 Not Available Internal Wire Harness (X9.6 and Below)
31 B333-2800C Internal Wire Harness (G9, X9.7 and Above)
32 A328-1000 Winged Rocker Switch
33 D328-1100 Thermal Reset Switch Assembly
34 B370-3100 Pivot Bushing - Casting
35 B370-3414 Inner Wire Guide
36 B388-1714B Pleated Post Filter Base, Standard (X9)
36 B388-2114C HEPA Post Filter Base, Long (G9)
37 B388-3014 Pleated Post Filter Cover Printed, Standard (X9)
37 B388-3300 HEPA Plus Post Filter Cover Printed, Long (G9)
38 B388-3500 Post Filter Base Seal
39 B388-1965B HEPA Post Filter Electrostatic (X9)
39 B388-2365C HEPA Plus Filter (Longer #37 Base & #38 Required) (G9)
40 A732-8314 Screw, #8 x 5/8"
41 A732-8414 Screw, Hi Lo #8 x 7/16"
42 B388-0800B Secondary Charcoal Filter (Used with #14 Secondary Filter Frame)
Not Shown Not Available Pleated Post Filter Base Assembly (X9)
Not Shown D380-0114 Dust Compartment Upgrade Kit (X9.5 and Below)