Simplicity Parts - Model JACK / SNAP - Hose, Wand, Accessories

1 C360-0700 Straight Suction Hose Assembly (JACK.1)
D390-1900 Straight Suction Hose Assembly (JACK.2 and Later)
D390-1800 Powered Hose Assembly (JACK.2 and Later)
2 B390-4800 Hose Strain Relief
3 B390-3800 Hose Board (SNAP)
4 HFI-B Rug/Floor Tool
Not Shown B360-5400 Wand Docking Adapter (JACK.1)
5 B350-2500 Straight Suction Wand (JACK.1 Only)
B390-4500 Straight Suction Wand (JACK.2 and Later)
D390-4600B Powered Wand (SNAP)
6 C351-1014 3-in-1 Tool
7 B390-6114 3-in-1 Tool Holder
8 B360-2900 Crevice Tool
9 B360-3000 Upholstery Tool
10 B360-2800 Dusting Brush
11 SPB-40.4 Compact Nozzle (SNAP)
12 SPB-200S.6 Full Size Power Nozzle (SNAP.FSN)
13 B390-6800 Hose Only, No Ends (SNAP)
14 B360-2700 Tool Holder