Simplicity Parts - Model JACK / SNAP - Main Body

1 C360-0100 FBI Assembly
2 B360-1300 Cord Rewind Pedal (.7 and Below Models)
2 B360-1300B Cord Rewind Pedal (.8 and Later Models)
3 B360-01GR Green Variable Speed Cover (JACK)
3 B360-01PR Purple Variable Speed Cover (SNAP)
4 B360-1200 Variable Speed Control Knob
5 B360-1100 On/Off Pedal
6 B360-2300 Main PC Board with Variable Speed (JACK)
6 Not Available Main PC Board with Variable Speed (SNAP)
7 Not Available On/Off Switch
8 B360-4800 Pedal Spring
9 B360-02GR Green Vented Exhaust Cover (JACK)
9 Not Available Purple Vented Exhaust Cover (SNAP)
10 B389-0400 HEPA Filter Bulk (JACK, SNAP)
11 B389-0500 Secondary Filter Bulk (JACK, SNAP)
12 Not Available Green Dust Cover Lid (JACK)
12 Not Available Purple Dust Cover Lid (SNAP)
13 B360-4900 Hose Inlet (JACK.1 ONLY)
13 B360-5100 Hose Inlet (JACK.2 and Later, SNAP)
14 C360-0200 Dust Cover Lid Latch Assembly
15 SZH-6 HEPA Bag (6-Pack)
15 SZP-6 Paper Bag (6-Pack)
16 C360-0300 Bag Holder and Latch Assembly
17 Not Available Green Upper Housing (JACK)
17 B360-04PR Purple Upper Housing (SNAP)
18 B360-1500 Secondary Filter Holder
19 Not Available Cord Inlet Ring
20 B360-2000 Cord Outlet Cover
21 D360-1500 Cord Reel Assembly
22 Not Available Bottom Housing
23 B360-1800 Rear Wheel
24 B360-1900 Rear Wheel Cover
25 B360-4700 Carry Handle
26 Not Available Bag Lid Stop Arm
27 C360-0600 Front Caster Wheel Assembly
28 Not Available Motor Only (Does Not Include Mounts or Housing)
29 Not Available Motor Housing and Mounts Only
30 B360-3100 Motor Cover
31 B360-3200 Motor Cover Seal