Beam 012121 EZ Grip Cleaning Set Precision 35

Beam 012121 EZ Grip Cleaning Set Precision 35

    Price: $630.00

    Code: 012121

    Weight: 35.00 pounds

    Beam 012121 EZ Grip Cleaning Set Precision 35

    The Beam EZ Grip Cleaning Set has the Precision Power Head that is loaded with features. The Electric hose has a 3 way -110V/24V crush-proof hose and has a variable speed control function on the hose that communicates with all newer Beam power units allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of suction you require The power head has 4 levels of height adjustment to tackle any size carpet. Power Head has the new Brush Roll Clean Button to remove Hair from the brush roll. Accessory tools are included

    A swivel neck allows for easy maneuverability under and around furniture, and the built in LED headlight helps you pick up objects you shouldn't. However, in the case you do, an overload protection prevents the belt from breaking. This powerhead is ideal for low, medium, and even thick pile carpeting and offers 4 levels of height adjustment making it customizable for your specific needs. 

    The electric hose is equipped with variable speed slide control that is supported by the Serenity and Beam Line series power units. The Q Cleaning Set will work with other Beam models as well as other brands except the variable speed capability will not exist. The hose has a switch that controls both the vacuum unit and powerhead. This kit is available with a hose that is either 35 feet in length and with a pigtail or direct connect wall end.

    The lightweight aluminum telescopic wand connects the hose to the various cleaning attachments. A D-shaped adapter allows attachments with round ends to be used with the hose or wand. A sturdy hose hanger enables the hose to be stored in an out-of-the-way location.